Flywheel starts its Flywheel FOCUS Newsletter

Flywheel Government Solutions recently started its newsletter, Flywheel FOCUS​, which provides a valuable source of information on politics, policy, political climate, elections, trends and much more at the federal state, local level. Flywheel FOCUS has discussed rankings of state government administrations, white papers on cybersecurity, updates on the Trump administration and transition, state budget reports, presidential and gubernatorial election updates, and more. To read past issues of Flywheel FOCUS or to sign up for the newsletter, visit our Flywheel FOCUS tab here.

Flywheel announces partnership with Cavendish

​Accelerating investment and partnership opportunities for clients...  

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Speed, Agility, Precision

Accelerating Public Private Partnerships

Flywheel's unparalleled experience, respected leadership among government partners, entrepreneurial spirit and command focus are the foundations of our mission success with clients.  Today's complex political environment, compounded by ever challenging financial conditions, demands greater strategic alignment between government organizations and the private sector to accelerate innovation, efficiency, and transformation in the delivery of government services.


​Flywheel implements strategic and tactical campaigns that ensure our clients have a competitive advantage in future policy and procurement outcomes.   

Flywheel & Winvale announce strategic partnership

​Complimentary services afford clients expanded capabilities...

Flywheel provides the highest level of expertise and the necessary disciplines to merge government affairs with government marketing, maximizing opportunities for Policy and procurement outcomes at the federal, State and local level. 


With all disruptive businesses, speed to market is paramount to success. Flywheel sources clients that bring innovation, effectiveness and efficiency to the public sector.  We identify evolving future requirements and opportunities to best match our clients technology, services and solutions, helping government customers solve their most vexing challenges. In today's government policy and procurement climate, companies cannot "react" to already-defined issues and opportunities. Flywheel helps its clients evolve and adapt to have the foresight to see over the horizon, understand emerging opportunities and threats, and shape uncertain futures by being proactive. We strongly believe leading companies must create markets to have a competitive advantage.

​Flywheel Co-Founder Brian Sailer quoted in Bloomberg

Flywheel welcomes Mary Kay Hogan to the team as a Senior Advisor

See our Leadership page to learn about Mary Kay.

Flywheel's Brandon Peck joins the National Taxpayers Union Foundation Board of Directors

Flywheel adds Terry Dittrich as a Senior Advisor

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