Decision Forecasting Requires Intelligence & Insight 


Today, where change and uncertainty are the only guarantees, Flywheel strives to always stay one step ahead—to predict and perceive what must be done to intersect with our clients' objectives and needs at the right time and through the right medium, to outthink our clients' competitors, and to develop and deploy the creative ideas, innovation and execution necessary to succeed.


Flywheel's team is comprised of strategic business management consultants and government policy and procurement experts that have demonstrated success in working with clients of all sizes, from startup to enterprise, across all sectors. We bring strategic focus, tactical execution with precision and leverage critical assets, internal and external to your organization, when and where needed to secure the best political and business outcomes.  Our clients value our expertise, insights and enthusiasm for their issues and programs, and their trust in our team is illustrated in our client portfolio and retention. Many of our clients have worked with us for more than a decade, and continue to rely on Flywheel's team to lead their organization towards mission success.  

We bring discipline in defining our client's differentiators; leverage their successes to demonstrate accountability; and earn credibility with stakeholders. We create momentum, accelerate outcomes and achieve superior results. We strive to ensure that our clients are viewed as partners to government, not just vendors. 

Flywheel offers multidisciplinary strategic business management consulting, federal & state government affairs, public affairs, business intelligence, market research & analysis and M&A support services to leading innovative companies.

We provide unparalleled expertise and capabilities, and through our team’s diverse backgrounds, empower our clients with a holistic 360° approach to problem solving.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Positioning & Marketing
  • General Strategy & Consulting
  • Go-to-Market Business Plans
  • Federal & State Outreach
  • Expertise in Program Funding & Grants
  • Identification of Requirements
  • Pre-qualification of the Opportunity
  • Position ahead of the Procurement
  • B2B Partnership Building
  • Ongoing Relationship Management
  • ​Compliance Expertise
  • Market and Policy Research Tools, including Polling and Focus Groups

Client Successes

Renewable Energy Solutions Company

Establishing renewable energy policy to secure public investments...

​​Changing Outcomes

Change is certain... Flywheel Helps clients Always stay One Step Ahead

Flywheel Government Solutions

State Legislative Success

Working closely with our Fortune 100 energy client, Flywheel led strategy and execution to prevent implementation of nearly identical parallel legislative initiatives in two states that would have adversely affected the client's business. The proposed legislation would have negatively impacted a significant portion of the client's business. Further, a greater risk, the legislation could have easily been replicated by other states. The legislation adversely impacted taxpayer investments, and inhibited advancement of public-private partnerships for building efficiency modernization. Recognizing the problematic nature of the legislative language in both states, the Flywheel team consequently engaged, educated and mobilized the Governor and Lieutenant Governor's offices in both states to prevent passage of the legislation. Flywheel successfully helped preserve a critical growth market sector and substantial revenue opportunities that directly impacted the client's bottom line. As a result of this legislative success, the client has been able to continue pursuing public-private partnership opportunities with government agencies in these states. 

Specialty insurance client engaged with Governors on innovative energy policy. 

Advanced Manufacturing Company

Transitioning commercial technology to government customers...

Leasing Enterprise Hardware & Software Company

Enterprise licensing strategy accelerates DHS sales and replication by other agencies...

About Us

Advanced maritime defense manufacturing

company demonstration program for SOCOM.  

Our Procurement methodology, process and success is driven by the following: 

  • Identifying Emerging & Future Policy and Procurement Requirements
  • Understanding Program Timelines
  • Understanding Funding Cycles and Process
  • Understand Procurement Process & Key Influencers
  • Define Whether You The Solution or Part of the Solution?
  • Deploy Bottom Up – Top Down Approach
  • Leverage Strategic Partnerships
  • Resiliency and Persistence