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​Flywheel Spins for Cancer Research

                        (Flywheel team members and friends after their ride at Zengo Cycle)

Members of the Flywheel team, along with some friends, gathered at Zengo Cycle in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC on November 4th for the Sutter Health: Breast Cancer Research Charity Ride. Money was raised to help support the Avatar Research Project at Sutter Health, which is focused on 8 aggressive forms of cancers including breast cancer. Thanks to all to came out -- the Flywheel team had a blast, and was happy to support a great cause.


Flywheel's Brian Sailer Quoted in Bloomberg Politics

Washington, November 10, 2016 -- Brian Sailer, Partner and Co-Founder of Flywheel Government Solutions, was quoted in a Bloomberg Politics article discussing takes on what the November 8 election results will mean for Washington. 

Speaking to Bill Allison of Bloomberg Politics, Brian Sailer explains the trifecta of winning the President, House and Senate as "euphoric." Sailer explained that there are going to be a lot of sitting and former governors approached for positions as agency heads. Christie and LePage, among others, were early supporters of Trump - and many more will be considered (Jindal, Hutchison, Palin, Fallin, Brewer, Ehrlich). As states are the "laboratories of true innovation in policy and program implementation", Sailer highlighted that lobbyists who have relationships with these incoming governors and their staff will be at an advantage in working with agencies. "Our team at Flywheel has worked with these governors for over 15 years, including Governor Pence, and understanding their motivations, successes and priorities sets us apart from more traditional Capitol Hill focused lobbyists."

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​​​​​​​​David Beightol and Brandon Peck Participate as Speakers at 2016 Risk Management Summit

 (from left: moderator David Beightol with panelists Jim Connaughton, Dan Goodman, Brad Nail and Jon Ziglar)                             (from left: panelists Joseph DiFranco, Kelton Busby, Khary Cauthen, and Brandon Peck)

Las Vegas, October 2-6, 2016 -- David Beightol, Partner and Co-Founder of Flywheel Government Solutions, moderated the Breakthrough Technologies session on October 3 at the 2016 Risk Management Summit. Participants on this panel included Brad Nail of Uber, Jon Ziglar of Parkmobile, Jim Connaughton of Nautilus Data Technologies, and Dan Goodman of Building 36 Technologies. Brandon Peck, Director at Flywheel Government Solutions, spoke on a different panel, the Engaging and Building Relationships with State and Federal Agencies session. His fellow panelists included Joseph DiFranco of Energi, Khary Cauthen of American Petroleum Institute, and Kelton Busby of the Cavanagh Law Firm.  The Risk Management Summit took place at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas from October 2nd-6th.

The aim of the Summit is to inspire and educate members of small and middle market companies with new ideas, concepts and products that will ultimately drive business growth. To learn more about the 2016 Risk Management Summit, click here:

About eServices Companies

eServices Companies is a specialized platform focused on providing turn-key risk management, claims, marketing and technology solutions through its various entities. eServices is comprised of spin-off companies  developed under Energi, Inc. These companies includes eClaims Management, eRisk Solutions, eMarketing Strategies and eTech Services. eServices was developed to make services, unique to Energi, available to a wider audience and to deliver small and middle market companies with mechanisms to manage exposures, drive down losses and reduce expenses. To learn more about eServices and its platform solutions, visit 


David Beightol Quoted on Front Page of USA Today

Washington, February 11, 2016 -- David Beightol, Co-Founder of Flywheel Government Solutions, was quoted in a USA Today article discussing Jeb Bush's recent performance in the New Hampshire primary. 

Beightol, a fundraiser for Mr. Bush’s campaign, called the New Hampshire results a “nice re-set.” Beightol says that Bush’s task is now “to convince people that although he has an establishment name, he’s anti-establishment in his actions.” Some of these actions include Bush’s confrontations with teachers’ unions and his use of the line-item veto as Florida governor.

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Flywheel Noted in POLITICO Influence 

Washington, January 26, 2016 -- Flywheel Government Solutions was mentioned by POLITICO Influence for its federal representation of their client, Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Controls recently announced plans to merge with Tyco, a global fire and security provider.

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David Beightol Mentioned in Politico 

Washington, January 15, 2016 -- Flywheel Government Solutions Co-Founder David Beightol was quoted in a Politico article on Friday. Mr. Beightol, a Jeb Bush supporter, discussed positive reports from Jeb's ground campaign in early primary states. 

"Surging may be too strong of a word, but [Jeb] is moving up quite dramatically," Beightol said. "This town is full of regurgitators. You have to go beyond the regurgitators... Actually a number of bundler-types ​went door-to-door to get a feel for this and reported on it today. They were very excited about [what they saw] in the field."

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David Beightol Interviewed on Fox Business Network

Milwaukee, November 9, 2015 -- David Beightol, Partner and Co-Founder of Flywheel Government Solutions, appears on Fox Business Network with Neil Cavuto to discuss his take on Jeb Bush's presidential campaign, his thoughts on the upcoming November 10 debate in Milwaukee, and why he thinks Jeb has the fight in him to be President.

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​Flywheel Government Solutions Mentioned in POLITICO


Washington, April 27, 2015 -- Dutko Grayling veterans David Beightol and Brian Sailer have formed a bipartisan management consulting company called Flywheel Government Solutions focused on federal and state government policy and procurement.

Beightol previously served as managing principal of Dutko Grayling’s state and local division, and Sailer was the managing director of Dutko Grayling’s government markets division. The two brought over the majority of their clients from the technology, cybersecurity, energy and sustainability, transportation, insurance, health care, public safety and national security sectors to the new firm.

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New National Government Relations Firm Announces Policy & Procurement Focus

Industry Veterans Help Accelerate Public Private Partnerships

Washington, April 27, 2015 – Federal and state government policy and procurement innovators have launched an independent bi-partisan management consulting company called “Flywheel Government Solutions.”

Headed by experienced government relations veterans David Beightol and Brian Sailer, the two founding partners of Flywheel, the company focuses on helping organizations of all sizes navigate the corridors of influence in the White House, Congress, federal agencies and state capitols across the country. Together they bring over 55 years of combined experience, industry insight, and entrepreneurial know-how to design, implement and successfully execute strategic campaigns to achieve client mission goals.

Beightol was formerly the Managing Principal of DutkoGrayling’s State & Local division and Sailer was the Managing Director of DutkoGrayling’s Government Markets division.  Since formation in January, Flywheel has already built a diverse portfolio of clients providing innovative solutions to government including technology & cyber security, energy & sustainability, transportation, insurance & financial services, healthcare, public safety, and national security.

“Flywheel is about creating momentum, and accelerating public-private partnerships,” emphasizes Sailer.  “We’re focused on identifying clients that meet the emerging functional and operational requirements of government, evangelizing efficiency, cost-savings and improved government services and capabilities.”

“Today's complex political environment, compounded by ever challenging financial conditions and increased competition, demands greater strategic focus and alignment between an organization’s government relations and government sales teams,” said Beightol. “There is enormous opportunity to bring best-of-breed solutions that drive modernization and transformation.”

Flywheel’s team includes Brandon Peck, Director; Sarah Georgiades, Director; Jim McCleskey, Senior Advisor, formerly with Governor Beverly Perdue; Tom Hodgkins, Senior Advisor, previously with CGI; and Mark Clark, the former Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence.

About Flywheel Government Solutions: Flywheel Government Solutions offers multidisciplinary strategic business management consulting, federal & state government affairs, public affairs, business intelligence, market research & analysis and M&A support services to leading innovative companies. Flywheel is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has offices in Annapolis, MD.  We provide unparalleled expertise and capabilities, and through our team’s diverse backgrounds, empower our clients with a holistic 360° approach to problem solving.