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About Us

Today, where change and uncertainty are the only guarantees, Flywheel strives to always stay one step ahead—to predict and perceive what must be done to intersect with our clients' objectives and needs at the right time and through the right medium, to outthink our clients' competitors, and to develop and deploy the creative ideas, innovation and execution necessary to succeed.

Flywheel Government Solutions is a multidisciplinary government relations/government markets advisory and strategy firm. Our team provides the highest level of expertise and the necessary disciplines to merge government affairs with government marketing, maximizing opportunities for public policy impacts as well as sales at the federal, state and local levels. Flywheel is comprised of strategic management consultants and government policy and procurement experts who understand the political climates and have demonstrated success in working with clients of all sizes; from startup to enterprise in all sectors. Our unique capabilities are driven by the insights, expertise and diverse backgrounds of our team, as well our ability to collaborate with our clients and laterally align resources to achieve their collective business development and/or public policy goals.


Flywheel consistently builds and maintains robust public-private partnerships with the Executive Branch, Congressional Offices, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Attorneys General, Mayors, and other elected officials. We support management of business and public policy issues and are adept at leveraging those relationships in Washington and in the state capitols to drive successful outcomes for clients.

Flywheel acts as a force multiplier for our clients in targeted states and we are able to quickly and efficiently utilize our skills and network to provide situational reports (budget, politics, policies and trends) and to craft and deliver the right messaging to the right decision makers. Additionally, our engagement with leadership positions and our strong relationship with Political Umbrella Group leadership (PUGs) allow us to serve as that utility infielder for our clients in any given state. This reduces the need for a costly network of in-state lobbyists and ensures Flywheel’s team understands the full landscape across all states and how political and policy trends nationwide can impact our client’s bottom line.


Our team is dedicated to helping our clients define and differentiate their capabilities, positioning them as industry leaders and trusted advisors. We devise tailored messaging strategies for our clients, which we can modify over time as new opportunities and other factors develop, including shifts in localized policy focus, new election outcomes, and behind the scenes political motivations.

Speed to market matters in today’s government public policy and procurement climates. Our methodology, process and success is driven by identifying emerging and future requirements, understanding program timelines, understanding funding cycles and process, understanding the legislative process and key influencers, identifying strategic partnerships and taking a bottom-up top-down approach.

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