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Why Flywheel Grants360º

FGS’s  “Grants360” offers comprehensive consulting and support for grant identification, writing and management. Our team can help determine if your organization is well positioned to qualify for grants, explore which federal, state and or private funding apply, and then help execute a complete 360° assessment and capture plan to support your specific needs. Clients can use some and/or all of these services (assessment, application & grant writing, management and reporting).


With billions of federal and state dollars flowing from the ARPA (Covid), Infrastructure Investment Job Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and regular annual flow-down programmatic grant funding, smart organizations are analyzing their business needs with funding opportunities and strategic partnerships to achieve mission goals. Our Grants360º team will help your organization navigate the complex and laborious task of identifying, targeting and expediting grant applications. Grants target hundreds of program areas, including, but are not limited to:

Infrastructure & Transportation

Energy & Efficiency

Environmental Protection

Sustainability & Resiliency


Technology and Broadband

Law Enforcement & Cyber Security

Healthcare & Social Services

Advanced Technology Development

Economic Development

Research, Test, Evaluation and Demonstration (RDT&E)

Workforce Development & Job Training

Community Development

Veterans Services

Disaster Relief & Reconstruction

In addition to the nearly $500 billion in annual grant funding, and the over $1 trillion infusion from ARPA, IIJA and IRA, there are other opportunities like the Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office that will help finance over $100 billion worth of government investment into energy-related programs, demonstrations, and site development to support American investment and economic development.

Every engagement starts with a deep-dive discussion to determine needs, and then we set a comprehensive assessment strategy session with preliminary targets, requirements, timelines, and application review. 

Grant Identification

Whatever your team may need, we can help locate: 

  • Federal Grants

  • State Grants

  • Private Grants

We can also offer a full-service Comprehensive Grant Strategy which will entail a deep-dive grant search tailored to our client's needs and budget.

Grant Identification
Grant Writing
Grant Writing

We can help with any phase of grant writing, whether that be writing a grant from scratch to helping get you over the final hurdle. We offer services such as:  

  • Turn-key Proposal Development

  • Program Development

  • Budget Development

  • Bid Support

  • Go/No-Go Decision Support

  • Proposal Template Creation

  • Application Submission Assistance

  • Strategy Creation

  • Technical Writing Support

  • Color Team Reviews

  • Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Registration Assistance

Grant Management

From pre-award, award, to the conclusion of any grant, we offer public and private sector grant management. Including services such as:

  • Grant Administration

  • Compliance & Reporting

  • Evaluations

  • Project Management

  • Software Implementation

Grant Managemn

Reach out to our Flywheel Grants team to schedule your call and learn more about our Grants360º service!



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