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Flywheel FOCUS™​ provides a valuable source of information on politics, policy, political climate, elections, trends and much more at the federal, state, and local level. Flywheel FOCUS™ has discussed rankings of state government administrations, white papers on cybersecurity, , state budget reports, presidential and gubernatorial election updates, and more.

Past Issues

5/6/2022- State of the State Addresses (MA and RI)

4/28/2022- State of the State Addresses (MS, NM, OH)

4/22/2022- State of the State Addresses (ME, NH, NV)

4/18/2022- State of the State Addresses (CA, CT, ND)

4/13/2022- State of the State Addresses (AK, AR, MD)

4/7/2022- State of the State Addresses (IN, PA, UT)

4/5/2022- State of the State Addresses (LA, OK, WY)

3/29/2022- State of the State Addresses (IL, TN, WI)

3/25/2022- State of the State Addresses (FL, MI, SC)

3/22/2022- State of the State Addresses (AL, HI, ID)

3/18/2022- State of the State Addresses (AZ, KY, WA)

3/11/2022- State of the State Addresses (DE, MO, VT)

3/7/2022- State of the State Addresses (NE, SD, VA)

2/18/2022- State of the State Addresses (CO, GA, NJ)

2/14/2022- State of the State Addresses (IA, KS, WV)

2/1/2022- The Land & Liberty Coalition Launches in Maryland

1/24/2022- Client Highlight: Tallgrass Energy to Develop a Commercial-Scale CO2                         Sequestration Hub in Wyoming

1/10/2022- Client Highlight: Johnson Controls wins innaugural NASECO award

1/7/2022- Kathy Hochul, New York's Governor- State of the State Address Re-Cap

12/31/2021- Happy New Year!

12/27/2021- Perspective

12/25/2021- A Fun Christmas Song

12/22/2021- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Flywheel Team!

12/13/2021- Client Highlight: Arrival Announces High Voltage Battery Module                                  Assembly Plant in North Carolina

12/3/2021- Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Becomes the First Jones-Act Compliant                            Vessel for OSW

11/24/2021- GOP Governors Team Up to get America's Supply Chain Moving Again

11/10/2021- Johnson Controls: Building for the Future

11/6/2021- Election Night Recap

11/1/2021 - Flywheel's Final Predictions: Races to Watch Virginia Gubernatorial:                        Youngkin vs. McAuliffe and New Jersey Gubernatorial:  Murphy vs. Ciattarelli

10/29/2021 - Building Cleaner, Faster - How do we achieve net-zero by 2050?

10/19/2021- 2021 Race to Watch: New Jersey Gubernatorial

10/11/2021 - 2021 Race to Watch: Virginia Lieutenant Governor's Race

10/5/2021 - 2021 Race to Watch: Virginia Gubernatorial

09/24/2021 - CSU Pueblo Reaches Net-Zero through Public-Private Partnership

08/31/2021 - Client Highlight: REV Group and Capacity Trucks - First Hydrogen Fuel                         Cell Battery Electric Hybrid Terminal Truck

08/20/2021 - What Animals Could You Beat in a Fight?

08/07/2021 - Innovative State Policy Highlights

07/27/2021 - Broadband Investment Gets a Boost in States

07/22/2021 - Getting America Back to Work- A Governor's Role

07/16/2021 - 2021 Special Sessions and American Rescue Plan Funds

07/01/2021 - FY 2022 State Budgets

05/28/2021 - Innovative Energy Projects

05/11/2021 - Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

05/07/2021 - State of the States (MT, AL, RI, MD)

04/21/2021 - State of the States (AK, MI, MO, TX)

04/09/2021 - State of the States (NV, OR, NM, MS)

03/19/2021 - State of the States (WA, VA, NE, OK)

03/04/2021 - State of the States (South Dakota, Wisconsin, Delaware, Massachusetts)

02/24/2021 - Reimagining Occupational Licensing

02/17/2021 - State of the States (Georgia, Indiana, Utah, Hawai'i)

01/28/2021 - State of the States (NY, NJ, AR, SC)

01/20/2021 - State of the States (Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, and Kansas)

01/15/2021 - State of the States (ND, CT, KY, VT)

01/06/2021 - U.S. Senate Races - Georgia