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Matt Cheroutes

Senior Advisor

​Matt has has over two decades of leadership experience working in public affairs.  After service as a community liaison for Senator Ken Salazar, Matt worked within the administrations of both Governors Bill Ritter and John Hickenlooper, as Director of Communications and External Affairs, handling media and legislative relations for the state Office of Economic Development. He then went on to serve as a Senior Advisor and Policy Director for the Colorado Department of Revenue. During his time in state government, he helped pass meaningful economic development incentives, establish new laws and regulations for emerging industries, and accelerate the growth of Colorado’s economy in key sectors by leveraging a keen ability to guide focus and clarity. 

Matt represents a wide range of private sector clients in the area of local land use, including real estate, energy, transportation, infrastructure, and economic development. Additionally, he has spent the last few years helping establish the non-profit Center for Infrastructure Investment, working across Colorado and the U.S. to advise on alternative financing and public private partnership deal structures. In this capacity, he serves many infrastructure and economic development clients throughout the nation. 

His other successes include numerous strategic and tactical involvements on campaigns ranging from U.S. Senate races to recent Denver Metro/Front Range mayoral elections. 

Matt was born and raised in Denver and received his MBA from the University of Colorado. He currently resides in southeast Denver with his wife and two kids.

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